What’s all this Quackin’ about?

So now that we’ve shown off a little bit of what exactly the game is, it might be appropriate to explain what in the H is going on within it.

First let’s set up the story: You play as Captain Cornelius Quack — a mild mannered duck who one day discovers all that he holds dear has gone belly up when his home pond gets polluted.

Who is responsible for this sudden chaos? We don’t know. But Quack quickly dons his trusty hoverboard (he could fly himself but that’s just not as cool) and sets out on a quest for vengeance to unleash a furious storm of stool upon the world and everything within it.

The main game mode comes in three difficulties (Easy, Normal, Insane). The differences between these difficulties is more hand holding on Easy, along with varying changes to health/damage across all the enemies in the game. Insane also throws in some unique game mechanics. The reward for playing higher difficulties comes from Insane-only unlockables and bonus levels (as well as the sense of accomplishment, ya hobo!).

The gameplay itself comes in two parts:

Quack-Naked Cloud

Cloud Mode: In this mode, Quack is invisible to the world and it’s inhabitants. You’ll interact with and manipulate the environment to discover and exploit enemy weaknesses. Each enemy is unique and the strategy involved with them is as well (think Punch-Out!!). Upon revealing the enemy weakness, you transition into…

Quack-Bandit Hovering

Attack Mode: In this mode you will take full control of your hoverboard and your stool-like abilities. Yes, what this means is you will be pooping on the enemies below. As stated above, each level and enemy is unique and you’ll have to use different methods of attack and avoid/defend against enemy abilities in order to defeat them.

In short, the gameplay is one part puzzle and one part arcade shooter.

We’ll do some more in-depth demonstrations and explanations of the gameplay shortly in the future, as well as show off some more of the five different areas of the game.

Until then, keep on Quackin’!

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