A Quack Update – #1

Hello! It’s been a little while since I last touched base with everyone about Captain Quack. My goal going forward is to be as transparent as possible with the development of this game (and any future HBG titles). 

Things have admittedly slowed down subsantially as far as development goes since the campaigns failed. I’ve taken a lot of time to reflect on feedback, the current state of the game, and where I want the game to end up at the finish line.

The result of this is stripping down the game to the fundamentals and refining them. After this, experimenting with various systems and new mechanics that will hopefully greatly enhance the game.

Let me be clear, I in no way think that the game is in any way bad as it was, but my end goal is to make it the best game that I possibly can, in every aspect. What I’ve come up with is exciting, and I can’t wait to start showing off some of the new ideas in the coming months.

The game at this point is going to take a lot longer to develop, as I now have full-time work that will take up lot of my time, so the project will now move to my free time. But the plus side is that with the job I can completely self-fund the project.

With this in mind, I won’t even begin to give an estimate for a release date, but it will simply be done when I’m finished with it! I look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

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