Project Orb



It’s been way too long since an actual blog update here on the ole website. Quack is still alive and well, but it’s being put back in the oven so that it can cook a little while longer. We’ll have more news about that at a later date, but for this post I wanted to take the opportunity to announce work on a different project — Project Orb.

Project Orb is of course a working title. The game is in a very early stage of development (as in official development literally started today), but we’re hopeful for a speedy and efficient development process. Part of the reason why we shifted focus to this new project is that it seems like a smaller-scaled project that we can realistically create and polish in a reasonable amount of time.

More details will come in the weeks to follow (I know this post is quite vague). Stay tuned!

~ Hamsacker

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