Hello, 2023; Hello, 36.

Well, hello there! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Four years to be exact, but who’s counting? Well, I guess I am since I just told you. With it being such a long period of time since my last update, I figure we could just start fresh.

A lot has happened since my last post here. I’ve gained two kids, two houses, and two Castleton albums. Unfortunately, I’ve also gained about 40 pounds, but let’s not dwell on that.

In the past four years, the world has been shaken up like a snowglobe. We’ve had pandemics, civil unrest, and NFTs (what even are those?). But through it all, I’ve been gaming and creating, as a developer by day and a gamer by night. And by developer, I mean the non-game-making kind, unless it’s actually the night time then I’m the game-making kind, sometimes. It’s confusing. I have an actual day job, let’s just say that.

So, what’s this blog all about, you ask? Well, it’s about games, reviews, indie game development, and my music. It’s about having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously (unless it’s crunch time, then all bets are off). I’ll be sharing my game dev ideas, posting new music, and sharing my thoughts on the industry. And who knows, maybe I’ll even throw in some guides to help you navigate the gaming world.

Now, I can’t promise this blog won’t turn into a mess, but I can promise that it’ll be a fun mess. So come along for the ride and let’s see where this journey takes us. Unless you don’t want to, in which case I’ll just be over here eating some pizza and playing Destiny. See ya!


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