A Quack Update – #1

Hello! It’s been a little while since I last touched base with everyone about Captain Quack. My goal going forward is to be as transparent as possible with the development of this game (and any future HBG titles). 

Things have admittedly slowed down subsantially as far as development goes since the campaigns failed. I’ve taken a lot of time to reflect on feedback, the current state of the game, and where I want the game to end up at the finish line.

The result of this is stripping down the game to the fundamentals and refining them. After this, experimenting with various systems and new mechanics that will hopefully greatly enhance the game.

Let me be clear, I in no way think that the game is in any way bad as it was, but my end goal is to make it the best game that I possibly can, in every aspect. What I’ve come up with is exciting, and I can’t wait to start showing off some of the new ideas in the coming months.

The game at this point is going to take a lot longer to develop, as I now have full-time work that will take up lot of my time, so the project will now move to my free time. But the plus side is that with the job I can completely self-fund the project.

With this in mind, I won’t even begin to give an estimate for a release date, but it will simply be done when I’m finished with it! I look forward to sharing this journey with you all.


Crash Course

In retrospect, I was ill-equipped and, perhaps more importantly, delusional to launch not one, but two public campaigns for Captain Quack at one time (KS and Greenlight).

I had done the research through and through. I polished a public demo, prepared a press kit and gathered a rather large list of press contacts in hopes that a dumb game might catch fire and spread through this vast forest we call the internet. It didn’t.

Thus far, the campaigns are comparable to that of a marathon run, only instead of continuous and well paced strides, they’ve only been something of a slow crawl. Some of the more devoted friends and family members have shown up on the sidelines to cheer me on and offer my support, but the rest are merely shaking their heads in disapproval.

That may be a bit of an overly dramatic metaphor, but they still are what they are at the end of the day. Failure.

It was a long shot from the get go. I’m trying to get people to buy in on the ridiculous idea of a game about a duck that poops on stuff. Hardly an indie darling.

But regardless of the results of these things, I can’t help but analyze the platforms of which they ran on. 

The number of successful Kickstarter campaigns for video games has drastically dropped within the past year. Have people lost faith in the developers that they so willingly threw their wallets at previously? Perhaps the answer is yes, due to broken promises and underwhelming end products of those projects that at one time beaming with potential.

Greenlight, on the other hand, is by and large a popularity contest. Formulaic games that rehash successful genres and concepts are welcomed in with open arms. Promoting a title from a no name first timer becomes a game of bribing voters with the promise of a trade in up-votes or the offering of product keys.

While I briefly dabbled with these practices, I quickly decided that I don’t want to achieve sweet victory through negotiations. I want people to support my project because they are GENUINELY interested in it.

This is wherein the problem lies. How do you make people care about your project? Reaching out to hundreds of press contacts and streamers is difficult, because they are spammed with so many similar requests each and every day. You can only annoy people on social media so much before they think to ignore anything and everything you send their way in the future.

I suppose what this all bogs down to is that I wasn’t ready, even though I was convinced that I was. I failed to capture user interest within the first ten seconds of video, first sentence of text, or first bar of music. What I have to offer simply may not be polished or captivating enough for anyone to give a care.

Strangely, in the end I am grateful for the experience. I’ve learned from it. I now know what NOT to do next time (should there be one for any future projects). I’ve discovered contacts and marketplaces to take my projects to, even if they are considerably smaller than the big boys.

Quack will continue, as it’s development was never completely reliant upon outside support. I’ll get back to focusing any free time I can conjure on a dumb game that I can’t wait to play for myself, when it’s done.

Quack – Weapons and Abilities

Today I’d like to offer you folks a quick look at the weapons and abilities systems within Captain Quack. These two systems work in synergy to bring a great deal of depth and strategy to what looks like a simple game on the surface.

The main goal of both weapons and abilities is to provide fun and useful things to the player, but also present the restriction of choice.

You can unlock any of them in any order (provided you have a token to redeem), but will NOT be able to unlock all of them in one play through. Some of them are strong on their own, some pair very well when used together.

First off, let’s talk about the weapons. There are three unlockable weapons to choose from in the game.

The Weapon Wheel
The Weapon Wheel

The charge shot adds the ability to… well… charge up your normal attack! It is a great source of single-target damage that you can “weave” into your normal attacks.

The Charge Shot
The Charge Shot

The spread shot splits your shot into three weaker projectiles. It is a reliable attack to use when you want to cover multiple areas with a specific angle.

The Spread Shot
The Spread Shot

The missile barrage continuously fires a sporadic stream of weak attacks in a general direction. It’s not the most accurate attack, but it is the go-to choice when you’re unable to line up a direct shot and need to attack while on the move.

The Missile Barrage
The Missile Barrage

Next up, the abilities. There are a total of ten different abilities to choose from. These are unlocked by redeeming a token of insight, which you receive from reaching milestones within the game (ex: defeating a boss for the first time).

The Ability Wheel
The Ability Wheel

While you can swap abilities that you have unlocked at any given time during gameplay, you can only have one ability active at any one time, and must wait for the respective cooldown on your ability to finish before using any other that you swap to. Let’s break these down into three categories: utility, defensive, and offensive.

Utility Abilities:

Teleport – instantly teleport a far distance in the direction that you are facing

Double Damage – temporarily double all of your damage dealt

Ghost Pepper – temporarily enhance your stool with acidic power, which leaves a damage over time effect on anyone that you hit

Ghost Pepper leaves a damage-over-time effect on your enemies.
Ghost Pepper leaves a damage-over-time effect on your enemies.

Haste – significantly increase your movement speed, acceleration and deceleration for a limited time

Defensive Abilities:

Shield Orb – grants you immunity from all sources of damage while active

The Shield Orb protects Quack from all damage while active.
The Shield Orb protects Quack from all damage while active.

First Aid – passively regenerate any lost health over time

Guardian Angel – upon taking damage that would normally kill you, you are instead saved and restored to full health

Instead of death, the Guardian Angel saves Quack and restores him to full health.
Instead of death, the Guardian Angel saves Quack and restores him to full health.

Offensive Abilities:

Pewpximity Mines – launch a mine which detonates when an enemy is within a specific proximity of it

Pewpximity Mines explode when enemies come close.
Pewpximity Mines explode when enemies come close.

Diarrhea Beam – unleash a beam of stool which deals continuous damage to all enemies within it

The dreaded Diarrhea Beam does big damage to enemies within it.
The dreaded Diarrhea Beam does big damage to enemies within it.

Dooklear Explosion – cover the entire screen in an explosion of stool, instantly killing any weak enemies

The Dooklear Explosion covers the screen in stool, instantly killing weak enemies.
The Dooklear Explosion covers the screen in stool, instantly killing weak enemies.
Afterwards, a friendly squeegee cleans things up for you.
Afterwards, a friendly squeegee cleans things up for you.

Some of these may sound much more useful than others, but again it’s important to keep in mind synergy, as well as the fact that all of these abilities have different cooldown lengths associated with them.

One last thing… I’ve implemented an achievement system within the game! This works similarly to these types of systems within other games or marketplaces (WoW, Steam, Gamejolt, etc.).

When you do special stuff, respective achievements are unlocked.
When you do special stuff, respective achievements are unlocked.

When you do something fun or cool within the game, you may unlock the associated achievement. These range from dumb things like your first failure, to monumental things like defeating a boss without taking any damage.

Don’t forget to support/share our Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns. You check out an early version of the game via the browser-based demo on GameJolt (note: you’ll need to create a GJ account, but it’s worth it. I promise!).

Captain Quack – Public Demo

Edit: You can now try the demo super easily, via our browser-based demo


The time is finally upon us. Both the Captain Quack Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns are nigh! With the launch of these campaigns comes the first public demo of Captain Quack. Details below!

What does the demo contain?

The demo contains the first “area” of the game, The Parklands. This area consists of five unique encounters (4 normal, 1 boss). There are a few secrets scattered in the world for you to discover (costumes, mini-games, etc.).

What platforms is the demo available for?

At this time, the demo is only available for Windows 64-bit and 32-bit platforms. In the end, the game will be available for Mac and Linux as well.

How do I install the demo?

The demo comes with an installer. Depending on your security settings, you may be prompted that the installer is from an unknown publisher (me). Simply bypass this flag (for Windows 10 click ‘more info’) and proceed with the installation. Anti-virus software may also flag the installer, but I assure you that there is nothing suspicious about it.

Things to note:

  • This is the first PUBLIC DEMO. Up to this point the game has been tested internally with a small team, and we’ve caught many bugs and glitches thus far. There’s bound to be a lot more out there that you may run in to.
  • While the demo represents many things that the finished product will come to look, sound, and play like, none of it is final. Everything in the game is subject to change, but this should give you a clear idea of what it will end up as.
  • The demo has 1 of 5 main areas planned for the game (plus many secret areas and encounters). This means that it’s only a small percentage of what the end game will have to offer.

How do I DOWNLOAD the demo?

Easy! Simply click the link below for your respective version.

Thanks for your time and support up to this point, and we hope that you will support us on Kickstarter and Steam. Spread the word!

Announcement Trailer for Captain Quack: I Pity the Stool

Hello! Progress on Captain Quack continues along at a nice pace. I’ve been able to ramp up development a good bit over the past couple weeks now that the semester is over. It’s now in a state to where I feel comfortable formally unveiling it upon the world, starting out with the announcement trailer below.

The plan from here is to launch both a greenlight campaign and a crowdfunding campaign within the next few weeks. If all goes well and we find some success with those, this sucker could be done as soon as Q4 2016.

Check out the trailer. Like, share, subscribe yada yada yada. Check back soon!

Quack Quick Look – Sun Nova Beach

Today we take a quick look at a video from the first encounter — Beach Bum Biff — of the second world of Captain Quack — Sun Nova Beach.

As you may guess from the title, this world takes place on the southern coastline, or beach, of the world which Quack inhabits. You’ll meet some crazy characters in this area, the first of which is Beach Bum Biff.

He and his horde of crabs roam the beach all day and night, relaxing to the sweet sounds of his ukulele. This video is nothing more than a tease of some simple animations, the lovely view of the beach and one of the many different background music choices for the area.

Quack – Boss Infoz!

Hello again!

I have another quick look and update on some Quack stuffs for you. Today I’ll briefly discuss how boss encounters work for Quack, and give you a glimpse of the first boss of the game.


Weed Whackin’ Walt

So this here guy is Weed Whackin’ Walt. He’s the first boss of the game, and the groundskeeper of the Parklands (the first area of the game). He may be old, but he’s well seasoned and has many tools in the ole shed (ZING).

Bosses work a little differently than a typical encounter does in Quack:

  • They begin in attack mode, skipping the cloud mode part of the fight entirely. Right from the word “Go!” you’re in for an intense fight.
  • They consist of multiple phases. The fight evolves as you progress in the encounter.
  • Beating a boss unlocks a new ability or attack type. Once you’ve unlocked it, you can use it retroactively in the game.

And that’s about it. But enough jib-jab, go ahead and check out the video below to see a bit of the fight in action!

In future updates, we’ll take a look at some new areas and enemies, and also go into detail on various mechanics of the game.