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Captain Quack: I Pity the Stool

Developer: Homebody Games; based in Logan, Utah

Release Date: ~Q1 2017

Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux, Wii U

Price: USD 10.00

Availability: Game Jolt, Steam, Wii U eShop

ESRB: Not Yet Rated

Press Contact:

Social Media: Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, Steam Greenlight

Captain Quack: I Pity the Stool is a combination of arcade shooter and puzzle-esque gameplay. It’s solely developed by Grant Potter. You play as Captain Cornelius Quack, who’s seeks revenge on anything and everything around him for polluting his pond and destroying his loved ones. You’re a duck and you poop on people.


  • Vibrant hand-drawn artwork
  • Toe-tapping original soundtrack, with over 50 tracks inspired by the wonderful soundtracks of Mario, Kirby, Sonic, Blaster Master, Mega Man, and more
  • Main Campaign: Help Quack on his stool-fueled expedition across five diverse areas of the world: The Parklands, Sun Nova Beach, Bona Fide Countryside, Synchrono City, and Sludge Works Inc.
  • Over 25 unique encounters/levels
  • Various attacks and abilities to achieve
  • Hidden costumes and hovercrafts for Quack to unlock
  • Secret areas to discover, each with their own set of encounters and bosses
  • Perfect your speed and accuracy as you fight for high scores
  • Dumb micro mini-games derived from my favorite NES classics

Homebody Games was founded in 2015 by Grant Potter. While a slew of projects and ideas are always in the works, the sole development focus currently is Captain Quack: I Pity the stool. While there isn’t an impressive history of work under the belt, Homebody Games shoots to maintain standards of visuals, sounds, and most importantly gameplay for each title that they produce.


Web Version: Click Here



Official Crowdfunding/Gameplay Trailer

Gameplay – First Boss (Weed Wackin’ Walt)

Gameplay – First Level (Ice Cream Kid)




  • Main Theme: Dreamwallow
  • Everything Else: Grant Potter